Amazon Forest, biO2 expedition 2018 photo: Ricardo Ortiz

In order to change the world, to protect our forests, our animals and oceans , first we need to change ourselves. We understand that everything that we do has some sort of consequence, and that’s why biO2 has always consider its environmental responsibility. It’s part of our DNA.

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Amazon rainforest, biO2 expedition 2018 photo: Ricardo Ortiz

As an industry we put every little effort on the attempt to cause the less harm possible to the environment and to do that we’re constantly readjusting habits and also looking for neutralization programs. In the end, taking a good care of the planet is everybody’s role.
After all, everything is connected.

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Because of its high costs to the environment, food industry is the number one causer of nature’s devastation. It requires a massive water consumption, destroys the original biodiversity, giving place to the monoculture crop, pollutes the soil, oceans and rivers with all the chemicals and releases a critical amount of gases to the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming.

Wild area of Amazon Forest
biO2 expedition 2018 photo: Ricardo Ortiz

Deforestation caused by agriculture
biO2 expedition 2018 photo: Ricardo Ortiz

Why vegan?

Veganism Pyramid

For the animals
For the health
For the environment preservation