who we are

We are nutritionists, athletes, biologists, photographers, engineers, designers, journalists, business people, etc. We are the ones who love what we do and what we create from it.


who we are

We are enthusiasts who are passionate about what we leave behind, a legacy to the planet, an influence to those who will remember us. Thank you for trusting in our work. Today we celebrate 19 years of business and 13 years of the brand biO2. To sum us up in one word, we are: love.

Our History

Since 1999, in its own industry and technology, Renk's was born developing branded cereal bars for large companies under the direction of Leandro Farkuh, biO2 Founder.

In 2005, biO2 was created to meet World Market’s demand and trend, offering natural, organic, vegetarian, gluten-free, and lactose-free foods and with no artificial additives, taking advantage of and valuing Brazilian superfoods.
The brand evolves in a sustainable and independent way, guaranteeing the origin of the ingredients and creating practical products that aid in sports performance. With a young but experienced team, the brand works in search of the perfect foods, with the least environmental impact.

In 2018, the brand strengthens as 100% vegan, excluding honey as an ingredient of some items, the only ingredient of animal origin used. And it still brings the great innovation: biO2 Protein Shake, the first ready-for-consumption vegan protein drink from Brazil.

In 2017, biO2 opened its first US headquarters, biO2 America, in California, which follows the same policy as the Parent Company in Brazil, with a portfolio of products focused on the needs of the American market.

Our Values

Do the right thing even if it is the hard way
Own Identity
DNA consistent with 18 years of history
Industry and own Technological Know-how
Creation Agency and own Communication
Financial Sustainability
Social and Ecological Responsibility


Encouraging healthy eating, sports and the preservation and regeneration of nature through conscious production and consumption. Being ecologically sustainable and having credit with the natural resources used.


Offering products that meet the trends and needs of societies, so that we preserve our values ​​and achieve our mission.

biO2 Quality

biO2 Industry is audited and certified by SGS Control and Ecocert. It has a close relationship with all suppliers, being more than 100 partners and some co-packers, who also comply with ANVISA and FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) national legislation.